Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Computer's Unplanned Vacation

So my pretty little computer is back from its unplanned vacation. It needed a sojourn to the Sony workshop because some cable that goes to the left touchpad button either broke somehow or was faulty to begin with. It seems to be all better now. And the warranty covered it. They also seemed to have avoided messing up any of my settings, which is also a plus. (Yes, dad, I did back things up before sending it away...)

So, I was able to download the pics of my stuffed foxes I'm working on. It's so much fun!! They're very fuzzy. Not yet cute, because right now it's just bodies and tails. Plus, they're making me learn all kinds of new stuff.


NMjewel said...

I wondered if you were on vacation!
All is well in the world with a computer behaving properly.
We definitely need a finished foxes picture. I'm not seeing it! Keep up the good work...

Ruth said...

yeah, you really can't see what's up without the legs on the foxes. Or a head. I've got one fox head, but it's neither stuffed nor attached, so it just looks like a red and white triangular pocket. Maybe I'll pin the heads on the bodies to take the next pic.